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Bubbles #0 (July 2019) [RVABailFund Fundraiser Zine]


I made this zine in July 2019 before I tabled at Zine Dream in Toronto. This is not a normal issue of 'Bubbles' it is full of newspaper clippings all about Canadian cartoonists found while I was exploring microfilm. There are no interviews or articles or original content. There's newspaper articles from the early 2000s discussing Seth & Chester Brown, 90s articles about the zine craze, articles about The Beguiling, Doug Wright and more.

Bubbles #0 is 36 Pages long and Black and White

The original intention for this zine was that it'd only be for sale at conventions/if you mailed me cash. But as these George Floyd protests go on I decided I needed to find way to raise more money and this was the only finished zine I have done I hadn't fully released. This time for Richmond's Bail Fund. So 100% of all profits will go towards them, https://rvabailfund.org/

So this zine is now available for the first time ever online for $10. It won't be up on this store forever, so grab it now! Thanks to everyone that helps out.

Black Lives Matter