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Bubbles #13


Bubbles #13 is 56 pages long with a 20 page insert

Insert: 20 Unused pages from Noah Van Sciver's forthcoming book Joseph Smith and the Mormons

Five Interviews:
- Noah Van Sciver
- Alex Graham
- Joe Kessler
- Viktor Hachmang
- Collective interview with five Risograph presses: Riso Lab SVA, Tiny Splendor, Perfectly Acceptable, Cold Cube, Lucky Risograph

Three Articles:
- Yves Chaland's F.52, A "Favorite" Comic by Cory MacDonald
- A New Translation on Being Human by Ash Wyatt
- Interglacial: R. Kikuo Johnson's Night Fisher & No One Else by Jeff Alford

Two Original Comics by:
- Meg Mills
- Angela Fanche

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