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Bubbles #6.5 (COVID-19 Fundraiser/FCBD)


Free Comic Book Day 2020 / Covid-19 Relief Zine

16 Pages
Black and White

This zine can be purchased for any amount from $1 to $20, all profits (anything over that initial $1 which covers shipping) will go to Richmond Mutual Aid Distribution, a charity in Richmond Virginia currently specializing in resource redistribution to those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check them out on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mad_rva/

This zine was initially created for Free Comic Book Day 2020 (which has been postponed to who knows when), your local shop might've gotten them and given them out, and I was going to sell them online for $1 just to cover shipping. But as times change, the reason we make a zine changes. If you can't donate at this time and just need a zine to read, $1.00 is all you need to pay to receive the zine.

*If you purchase this zine alone it will ship with your address written on the back and a stamp right on the zine, and the zine stickered shut.*

This Zine Features:
- Interviews with my good Richmond friends, Chris Pitzer and Jason Hamlin, about their comic collections. I asked them to pick 10 items from theirs to share with me. I did my own 10 items from my collection as well.
- Comics from A.T. Pratt & Rellie Brewer
- Cover by Jasper Jubenvill
- Backcover by Wiltshire

International shipping ads $1 extra for the USPS "World Stamp"