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Zoo #2 by Anand

$7.00 / Sold Out

Zoo #2 by Anand. 52 pages. Entire issue is in English.

***These came water damaged, so I'm selling for exactly what I paid for them. Perfectly readable though! You were going to spill water on it on accident anyways!***

Incredible one man anthology out of India. This issue just came out, summer of 2021. It's so good I had to carry some issues in America because it's amazing.

My review from Bubbles #11: I was really impressed with Zoo #1, only about half was in English and what was readable to me was amazing. This issue #2 proves to me this was no fluke, Anand is the real deal. There’s five stories in this one man anthology, three of which are long and a couple one pagers. I was trying to put my finger on Anand’s real strengths that make these comics so amazing to me. I think it starts with his writing, his pacing and the overall natural dialogue that brings the comic to life. Combine that his unique cartooning style that’s so inviting, relatable and yet fantastical, and you have a great 52 page comic. One story is about a guy who moves away from his parents house and sees his stuff slowly mysteriously appearing on facebook marketplace. It’s eerie, but not overtly horror, like a subtle Junji Ito story. Another is about a lady calling numbers in the obituaries giving her insincere condolences, for she’s looking for loss so she can power her creativity. The first story is an odd love story, that meditates on lust and connections with your father. Anand has a real knack for coming up with stories that seem perfect for the comic form, and then also craft them in such. Zoo is now officially my favorite running series, can’t wait for #3.