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Zoo #1 by Anand

$6.00 / Sold Out

Zoo #1 by Anand. 44 pages. Half is in English.

***These came water damaged, so I'm selling for exactly what I paid for them. Perfectly readable though! You were going to spill water on it on accident anyways!***

Incredible one man anthology out of India. This issue came out early in 2021. It's so good I had to carry some issues in America because it's amazing.

My review from Bubbles #10: I check out everyone who follows me on instagram mostly, because sometimes I discover a great new artist that way! That’s how I found Anand, his posts looked great and I saw he had a new comic out. I haven’t read many comics from India besides the “Comix India” Vérité collections, and Anand was nice enough to ship me the comic affordably. Two of the comics are in Hindi, but one 16 page story “People Photostudio” is in English and it outdid my expectations. The story is about a man who runs a photo studio, a business that’s failing with the advent of personal photography. While wandering around his studio, he gets lost looking in the background he has painted in the studio and realizes beyond it is a jewelry story he can rob to get some money to stay open, all visible through a small hole. There’s a real Yoshiharu Tsuge feel to this story, from the failing business, the depressed man, the complicated issues of stealing from the rich and the fantastical aspects of going through paintings. I think of myself as someone obsessed with working jobs going extinct. I want to project movies, work at a parking garage and man the scoreboard at Wrigley Field, and this comic dives into that emotion of a time lost but it being a photo studio brings it to another thoughtful level. One of my best random instagram purchases in a long time.